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Watch Episode 1 of Robert Kirkman’s New Horror Series OUTCAST — Directed by Adam Wingard!

Earlier this week we passed on some info from THE WALKING DEAD creator Robert Kirkman, whose latest comic adaptation OUTCAST is coming to Cinemax next month as a new supernatural horror-drama series. Kirkman recently took to Reddit to reveal some pretty amazing hints about what to expect from the show, which looks pretty damn creepy… […]

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WALKING DEAD Creator Robert Kirkman Talks About His New Horror Series OUTCAST!

Robert Kirkman is well-known to horror fans as the creator of THE WALKING DEAD comic and TV show. On June 3rd, another one of his comic books is coming to television: OUTCAST. The series stars Patrick Fugit (GONE GIRL) as Kyle Barnes, a man who has been plagued by demonic possession all his life. Philip Glenister […]


Check Out the Nightmarish New Trailer for INCARNATE!

It looks like the arrival of an “arch-demon” might be raising the stakes in the demonic possession genre this Fall — at least if the first trailer for INCARNATE is any indication of what’s to come. A new feature production directed by Brad Peyton (SAN ANDREAS), produced by our own Jason Blum and released through […]


Retro-Synth Wizards CONFRONTATIONAL Channel ’80s Cult Classics in “FLAT/LINE”

As a rabid fan of vintage electronic music and a horror soundtrack junkie to boot, I’m stoked to add a new band to my audio arsenal… and after you roll on the clip below, I’m betting you’ll want to hear more from them too. Founded in 2014 in Sardinia, Italy by artist Massimo Usai, the […]


Mike Flanagan’s HUSH to Premiere at SXSW, Then Coming to Netflix!

The latest horror feature from OCULUS director Mike Flanagan is nearly here: it’s just been confirmed that HUSH will make its World Premiere this Saturday, March 12 at the South By Southwest Film Festival, followed by its exclusive debut on Netflix streaming services on April 8. Our own Jason Blum re-teamed with Intrepid Pictures’ Trevor […]

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HBO Documentary BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN Investigates the Web’s Scariest Legend

If you’ve been keeping up with our regular creepypasta coverage, you’re probably quite familiar with the most recognizable, most notorious creepypasta character of all time: that faceless figure from your nightmares commonly known as The Slender Man. We first mentioned Slender in an in-depth creepypasta feature on our site’s official launch last October, and while […]


Exclusive Interview with CURVE Director Iain Softley

Most horror fans’ first encounter with the work of Iain Softley occurred in 2005 with the moody New Orleans-set paranormal thriller THE SKELETON KEY, in which the director expertly balanced earthy realism with a dreamlike occult netherworld for a film which resonated with genre aficionados and mainstream audiences alike. Softley has finally returned to the […]



If you’ve been spending some time on the site today (oh hai!), I hope you managed to check out my essay The Horrifying, Controversial and Secret History of the Snuff Film. Of course, I’d totally understand if you’re afraid to read that one, because there’s some real nightmare fuel in there… but maybe now we […]


Watch the Disturbing Theatrical Trailer for THE INVITATION!

Drafthouse Films has just unveiled the first trailer for their upcoming release THE INVITATION, a twisted psychological thriller from JENNIFER’S BODY director Karyn Kusama. Starring Logan Marshall-Green (PROMETHEUS), Tammy Blanchard (INTO THE WOODS) and Michiel Huisman (GAME OF THRONES), the horror unfolds during a Hollywood dinner party, whose guests share a dark secret… and whose […]

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Watch the First Four Minutes of THE WALKING DEAD’s Mid-Season Premiere!

Just a few days left until the best Valentine’s Day present: new episodes of THE WALKING DEAD. The second half of season six promises to introduce fan favorite villain, Negan (to be played by SUPERNATURAL’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and his band of malicious men, the Saviors. When we last left THE WALKING DEAD, Daryl, Sasha, […]


David Bowie Unveils the Next Haunting BLACKSTAR Video: “Lazarus”

Legendary artist David Bowie never fails to surprise even his most devoted fans with a constantly evolving musical output and bold career moves. After a lengthy period of silence, he resurfaced two years ago with the stunning album The Next Day, and when the time was right, he returned to the studio with long-time collaborator […]


Watch an Exclusive Preview of SINISTER 2’s Bonus Features!

Next Tuesday marks the DVD/Blu-ray/On Demand video debut of SINISTER 2, the chilling follow-up to the surprise 2013 horror hit, co-created by C. Robert Cargill & Scott Derrickson and produced by our very own Jason Blum. Director Ciarán Foy (CITADEL) takes the helm for the next chapter in the supernatural saga of demonic entity “Bughuul,” who now torments […]

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This story is part of a series done in partnership between and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION. We’re down to the final hours before the long-awaited premiere of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION – the fifth and possibly final chapter in the cinematic saga, which began eight years ago with Oren Peli’s micro-budgeted independent […]