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AMERICAN HORROR STORY Goes Political in Season 7: What Are the Possibilities?

If it’s one thing Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s AMERICAN HORROR STORY has taught us it’s to always expect the unexpected… and nothing could have been more unexpected than Murphy’s recent announcement that the show’s seventh season would be covering a recent slice of terrifying history: the 2016 presidential election. Murphy later went on to […]

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12 Predictions from Blind Clairvoyant Baba Vanga for Next Year & Beyond

We’ve heard of Nostradamus, the 14th century French seer who predicted everything from Hitler to the death of John F. Kennedy Jr, but have you heard of Baba Vanga? She was a blind Bulgarian clairvoyant who racked up more than her fair share of predictions. Born in 1911, she lived to the age of 85-years-old, […]