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Watch The Original Music Video From HARDCORE HENRY Director Ilya Naishuller

Out today in theaters is Ilya Naishuller’s insane first person action flick HARDCORE HENRY, which looks totally (sorry) hardcore. But for those that saw the early trailers and wondered where the hell this guy came from or how this concept got fleshed out into a feature length movie, you more than likely have already seen Naishuller’s work! […]

Image Credit: Kyle Cassie

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Watch the Making of Blumhouse’s Interactive Slasher FIFTEEN!

Blumhouse recently made horror history with a Halloween’s launch of FIFTEEN – the first interactive POV slasher film to use the Periscope app, allowing audiences to actually determine the outcome of a killer’s reign of terror in real time. While the end product appears totally spontaneous and improvisational (and much of it was), it’s also […]


13 Lesser-Known Found Footage Horror Films We Dare You to Watch

This story is part of a series done in partnership between and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION. If you’re a fan of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY phenomenon, then you’ve experienced the worldwide demand for the so-called “Found Footage” style of cinema that followed its success. Although the original ACTIVITY did not invent the technique (that distinction […]