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NIGHT TERRORS: Horror’s Answer to POKEMON GO Now Available for Free!

Need something to do tonight? Download NIGHT TERRORS: THE BEGINNING. The augmented reality horror experience is now available for download on the iPhone store for free–the best price of all. I’ve written about this creepy AR horror game before, but for the uninitiated: NIGHT TERRORS uses your smartphone to haunt your house. You turn off […]

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NIGHT TERRORS: THE BEGINNING — Download Horror’s Answer to POKEMON GO Now!

You should download NIGHT TERRORS: THE BEGINNING… if you have the stones for it. This playable teaser of developer Novum Analytics’ augmented reality game is available now for your mobile device, and I personally guarantee it will creep you the hell out. It works like this: You wait until dark, turn off all the lights, […]

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10 Pokémon Inspired By Creepy Legends and Lore

The fact that I have found the time to sit down and write an article in between my day job and my tireless hours of Pokémon hunting is cause for a celebration.  Like most people, Pokémon GO has quickly replaced Candy Crush and Instagram as the most important app on my phone. As a child […]