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Ebony and Villainy: Remembering THE BLACK CAT and THE BLACK SLEEP

Almost any word can be turned into a horror film title simply by adding the word “Black.” Over the years there has been a Friday, a Zoo, a Scorpion, a Mamba, a Sunday, a Sabbath, a Christmas, a Room, a Museum, some Roses, some Sheep, some Water and a Lagoon, to name a few. There […]


Terror Titan Smackdown! Karloff vs. Lugosi in THE BLACK CAT

It was the horror smackdown that shook the world as Bela (DRACULA) Lugosi battled Boris (FRANKENSTEIN) Karloff to the death in a Bauhaus-inspired madhouse that had nothing to do with Edgar Allan Poe’s THE BLACK CAT other than the title! The first of the death-dealing duels betwixt Bela & Boris gave birth decades later to […]