The 13th Floor


How to Make The Oft-Delayed FRIDAY THE 13TH Film a Success

It seems astounding that any studio would have relentless issues in bringing a new FRIDAY THE 13TH film to the big screen. Financially speaking the franchise has been an overwhelming success; 12 total films (this includes FREDDY VS. JASON) have garnered a worldwide box office haul of $445,239,523 and the 2009 reboot did $91,379,051 alone. […]


The Origin of Jason Voorhees!: New Details on Upcoming the FRIDAY THE 13TH Movie!

Jason Voorhees is back and set to hit theaters in January of 2017. The immortal hockey-mask-wearing killing machine is now preparing to embark on the 13th film installment of the ever-popular FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise. Rumors have been swirling about the possible new film (as well as the long awaited tv show), but The Reel Word […]


It’s Time To Give JASON GOES TO HELL Another Chance

OK. Imagine this premise for a horror movie. It opens exactly like any other traditional 80’s “slasher” movie. A beautiful, voluptuous girl gets settled into a secluded cabin. Just as she’s about to retire to a nice hot bath, a crazed masked maniac shows up and they have a confrontation and chase through the nearby […]