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The 10 Greatest JAWS Rip-off Movies

To truly understand the impact of Steven Spielberg’s JAWS on the pop cultural landscape, one only need look at the number of cash-in films created in its wake. The decade following its release saw a staggering number of water (and land) – based terrors from both independent and established studios looking to scare up even a […]


Unwelcome Guests: Dipping Into PIRANHA and LAKE PLACID!

A  surefire  way  to  infuse  panic  and  terror  into  an  unsuspecting  small  town  is  to  have  something  show  up  that  has  no business being  there.  Dropping  a  non-­indigenous  creature  into  a  completely  foreign environment  can  be  detrimental  to  the local population… especially  if  said  invader  starts  eating  them.  Directors  Joe  Dante  and  Steve  Miner  have […]

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Real Life Scares 

This Prison May Soon Be Guarded by Crocodiles, Tigers and Piranhas

To deal with security issues at an isolated death-row prison, Indonesian officials are considering measures straight out of a James Bond villain’s playbook: in addition to the usual armed guards, the island-based maximum security compound may also be surrounded by wild tigers on land, and equally dangerous crocodiles & piranha fish in the surrounding waters. […]