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Animation Aberration, Part 2: Ten More of Japan’s Goriest Anime

Japanese anime has proven to be a very flexible medium — especially when it comes to animated violence and gore. That may explain why the horror genre has found a nice little niche within the anime domain, as opposed to western animation. I previously covered ten bloody and disturbing horror anime [here’s that list, if […]


Talkin’ Tracks – The Soundtrack Of The Anime Classic PERFECT BLUE

The truth is that today more than ever, I wanted to have a good time with you. – Mima Kirigoe. I can probably count on one hand the amount of ‘firsts’ I’ve had when it comes to movies. As I’ve mentioned in previous columns, I came to horror late and didn’t watch my first full-blown […]

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The 11 Best Fake Horror Movie Rock Bands

Horror has been intrinsically linked to rock ’n’ roll ever since rock ’n’ roll was a baby. It took a few decades for the two artistic expressions to find a harmony, often in powerful metal songs espousing the darkest corners of the human experience and inhuman imagination, but once it did the idea took hold. […]