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Vintage Videos! TV Reports On The Making-Of HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS!

It’s always fun to uncover videos from when some of our favorite franchise sequels were in production! And I distinctly remember being beyond excited for HALLOWEEN 6 when it was about to come out. After all, HALLOWEEN 5: THE REVENGE OF MICHAEL MYERS had so many loose threads and ended on a cliffhanger! Would this […]


5 Things We Hope To See In The New HALLOWEEN

Holy smokes! We’re still in disbelief over last night’s news that Michael Myers is coming home. And by home we mean here to Blumhouse Productions! Even cooler is the involvement of John Carpenter with the franchise once again! With the horror master set to both exec-produce and be a consultant on the project (along with […]


New Incredibly F’ed Up SAUSAGE PARTY Trailer Turns Lunchtime into a Horror Show!

The concept of SAUSAGE PARTY seems like a conversation that two stoners would have at 4am, and it probably was. Due in theaters on August 12th, the flick examines the incredibly morbid side of the food you eat. Starring Paul Rudd, James Franco, and Seth Rogan as various food products, SAUSAGE PARTY presents a twisted […]