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Five 1970s Exploitation Films You May Have Missed

Exploitation cinema is a vast array of subgenres, some common knowledge and some you didn’t even know existed. With so many subgenres and films residing under the exploitation umbrella, its easy for a few titles to get lost. This especially true when you consider that most exploitations hype comes from word-of-mouth.  Therefore, it’s easy for […]


Afternoon Quickie: Exploring the Ooze of the Super Sick Splat-stick BODY MELT

 “The first phase is hallucinogenic… the second phase is glandular… and the third phase is… BODY MELT” Over the past few weeks I had been researching “drug” horror films to create a few lists. Check out list 1 here- And list 2 from earlier today. During my research, I happened upon a movie I had […]