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Five Famous Scientists Who Dabbled in the Occult

Casual skeptics are annoying. They rarely know enough about whatever phenomenon they’re “debunking” to have a worthwhile opinion on it, basing their dismissal of other people’s experiences on a half-read Wikipedia article, an old episode of PENN & TELLER’S BULLSHIT, and a pathological need to feel smug. The next time one of these joyless dinks […]

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It Was Never Just a Game: Terrifying True Ouija Board Stories

Everyone is familiar with the Ouija board. Consisting of a board covered with numbers and letters, and a planchette with a clear window in the center, participants gather around the planchette and asks questions of “spirits,” who then spell out answers by mysteriously moving the planchette across the board. While “talking boards” have existed in […]

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The Ouija Board Did It: 7 Real Crimes Connected to Ouija Boards

Paranormal enthusiasts say using a Ouija board can open a doorway into your home, creating a passageway to all kinds of spiritual activity. Allowing these unknown energies and forces into your home can be dangerous because you never know who—or what—will come through from the other side. While benevolent ghosts or lost family members can […]

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You’ve Seen a Ouija Board, but Check out the Weird Ziriya Board!

The Ouija board is the standard when it comes to mass-produced boards that can speak with the spirit world. Not a new amusement, these “talking boards” have been around for over hundred years. Talking to the dead as a pastime began gaining popularity around the 1850’s, and this is also when society saw a rise in […]