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The Mind-Bending Early Films Of Alejandro Amenábar

As of today, May 10th, you can check out the new thriller REGRESSION starring Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson on Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital HD and On Demand. The flick takes place in Minnesota in 1990 and Hawke plays Detective Bruce Kenner, who is investigating a young girl’s accusation of abuse at the hands of her […]


Check Out This Supercut Of Remakes Vs Originals, Side By Side

Ah, to remake or not to remake. Sadly this isn’t a dilemma for us to decide. Original stories have been reinterpreted since the beginning of film and will continue to be redone. But it’s always interesting to compare and contrast between different takes on the same material. Vimeo user Jaume R. Lloret thought the same […]


6 Foreign Horror Movies We Want On Blu-Ray

Yesterday, we looked at 6 classic horror titles that, for whatever reason, have not made the upgrade to Blu-Ray, at least commercially here in the States. Cultivating that list of movies managed to get me thinking about a lot of other deserving flicks that still haven’t been given the proper high def / special edition […]