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5 Horror Soundtracks To Kick Off Your Vinyl Collection With

“Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin” – Jim Morrison As we head into 2016 the market for soundtrack/scores on vinyl is on a high that hasn’t been seen in years, if at all ever. According to Amazon, turntables were their biggest selling audio product in 2015. […]


Talkin’ Tracks – A New Damn Fine Soundtrack Column

It seems like you can’t log on to your favourite horror news site these days without reading about the soundtrack/score to this or that coming out on vinyl. The question is should you care? For me and countless others the answer is a resounding ‘Hell Yeah’. Firstly, it appears that vinyl is the preferred format […]

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CANDYMAN 2 Vinyl Soundtrack Arriving Early Next Year!

There was once a time when getting your hands on the now classic score for CANDYMAN by Philip Glass seems like quite a chore. But thankfully, the fine folks over at One Way Static released it to much critical and fan acclaim earlier this year. They’re aiming to please again as they’ve just issued a […]


We Have A “CANNIBAL” Music Chat With Sebastiaan Putseys of One Way Static Records!

One of the biggest advantages of the recent horror soundtrack vinyl revival is that long sought after scores are finally becoming available for the first time, much to the satisfaction of many savvy genre fans. A perfect example would be the soundtracks to two of the most notorious movies of all time CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and CANNIBAL […]


We Discuss CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST/FEROX With Grindhouse Releasings Bob Murawski!

As horror fans, we’re always on the quest to find something new, something unique, something different. We want to test our limits and see if there’s anything out there that’s even too much for us. Can we still be scared or grossed out after we’ve seen everything? At some point, you stumble upon the Italian […]