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CINEMA IN EXTREMIS: Fire Up the VCR for “Lost” Splatter Epic HEADLESS [NSFW]

Welcome back, brave viewers and connoisseurs of outsider cinema! I hope you enjoyed our first journey into the darkest, dankest dimensions of the horror genre — because I’m just getting started. Rest assured, it’s going to get even weirder up in here. If you recall, in my list of recent extreme-horror titles you might have […]

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10 Lesser-Known Horror Films You Need to See

There are as many definitions of ‘horror’ as there are horror fans. Fear is subjective, as are film experiences, and diversity of views is one of the most exciting things about the genre. For every mainstream spookfest, then, there is an unusual, daring and experimental horror film that breaks boundaries and challenges audiences. While they […]


BURIAL GROUND – The Bonkers Movie You Have To See To Believe

As an avid horror movie watcher, and despite feeling as if I’ve seen it all, the thing I think that genre fans thrive on the most is discovering that one rare gem that they’d never seen before. As vast as your movie knowledge may be, there are always films that slip through the cracks and […]


A Look Back at Peter Jackson’s Most F’ed Up Film- MEET THE FEEBLES

Before he was hanging with Frodo and giant apes, Director Peter Jackson was pushing the boundaries of morals and good taste with his answer to Jim Henson’s Muppets, MEET THE FEEBLES. These are definitely not kid friendly plush puppets. The first five minutes’ of the movie feature a dominatrix elephant and a bosomy hippo singing […]


Flashback: A Spooky Visit to James Whale’s THE OLD DARK HOUSE

“Beware the night!” Just one year after the release of the horror classic FRANKENSTEIN, director James Whale and actor Boris Karloff paired up again for the considerably lesser known flick THE OLD DARK HOUSE. One dark and stormy night a group of travelers become trapped inside an old, dark house. Sound familiar? Yeah, premise has been played […]


The Brilliant and Bizarre: HAUSU

Can you imagine the testicular grapefruits it takes to be assigned to make a Japanese version of JAWS, and then letting your 12-year-old daughter, who has never seen JAWS, write it? And the best part is they actually made the movie.