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Slashback! A Carnival Killer Scores a Massive Body Count in 1982’s HOUSE OF DEATH

I’m going to preface this week’s installment with an important caveat: HOUSE OF DEATH — also known as DEATH SCREAMS and NIGHT SCREAMS — is not a well-made film. In fact, if you called total bullshit on this flick, you wouldn’t get much of an argument out of me. With that said, there’s a certain […]


Slashback! Sex, Death and Power Tools Get Together for a SAVAGE WEEKEND!

Though it was released in 1979, just as the slasher genre’s popularity was on the rise, SAVAGE WEEKEND was actually filmed three years earlier (even ahead of John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN) under the title THE KILLER BEHIND THE MASK, and is one of the first horror films to employ the tropes and tricks that would eventually […]


Naked Witches Get Down and Bloody for Danzig’s Cover of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.”

[NSFW content ahead] Black Sabbath fans will instantly recognize the opening strains of that band’s classic 1970 track “N.I.B.” in the video below… but in dark-rock icon Glenn Danzig’s new interpretation of the Satanic single, there are way more naked ladies involved. “N.I.B.” is the latest release from Danzig’s new album SKELETONS, which represents a tribute to […]



THE WICKER MAN is a revered classic of subtle dread with an incendiary pay-off. The remake with Nicolas Cage has also become the stuff of legend – internet memes about those darn bees! Ballyhooed as “The CITIZEN KANE of horror films” (whatever THAT means) THE WICKER MAN (1973) has had a long and tortuous history. […]