The 13th Floor


MOTEL HELL, The FRIDAY THE 13TH Victims & Alfred Hitchcock Get Their Due In New FRIGHT-RAGS Line!

It’s the New Year, which means it’s as good a time as any for some new cloths! And as horror fans, we own it to ourselves to represent some of our favorite movies, filmmakers and images by wearing them right on our chests! Thankfully, the fine fiends at Fright-Rags have got us covered, literally! And […]


Watch Guillermo del Toro Talk About The Filmmaking Craft Of Alfred Hitchcock!

It’s hard not to love Guillermo del Toro, right? I mean, what it really boils down to is he’s one of us. Sure, he’s ridiculously talented and artistic, and makes great fantastical films, but he also collects a hell of a lot of cool horror goodies as can be seen with his now-touring Bleak House […]


Five Underrated Alfred Hitchcock Thrillers

Forty years ago, Alfred Hitchcock’s last movie hit theaters, after the master filmmaker spent over 50 years directing ambitious, influential features. You don’t have to be a classic cinema snob to know Alfred Hitchcock. Even people who have never seen his films can name a few off the top of their head: PSYCHO, REAR WINDOW, […]