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A Rare Glimpse at Kurt Cobain’s Homemade Horror Movies

Nirvana was one of the defining bands of the 1990s, and a staple in the CD players of Generation X-ers like myself. The day lead singer Kurt Cobain shot himself to death is still a fresh memory, even more than twenty years later. It plays like a horror movie in my mind: coming home from […]


Watch 1000 Italian Musicians Play NIRVANA’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Sometimes, the most therapeutic thing to do is to rock the hell out. And when it comes to rock bands, for me personally, Nirvana has always been my fave. So, it was fun to discover this group that calls themselves “Rockin’1000.” This story is amazing. It started out as a plea to get the Foo […]

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The Shocking Suicide That Inspired Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”

By the time Pearl Jam had released their third single and video from their debut album, TEN, in late 1992, they were already on the cusp of super stardom, following in line with a long list of Seattle-based bands that the media and record labels were hoping would be “the next Nirvana.” They’d already successfully […]


Watch This Drummer Play Every NIRVANA Album In 5 Minutes

The beautiful thing about the Internet, and in particular You Tube, is that if you search, you’ll uncover some of the most talented & incredible people in the world. We’ve shown you people rocking Metallica songs on banjo or Megadeth tunes on a custom made shovel. But for Kye Smith, he’s got a very specific, […]