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The 5 Greatest WTF Moments from DEAD ALIVE

Full of excessive gore blended with hilarious comedy, Peter Jackson’s DEAD ALIVE  (aka BRAINDEAD) is a staple amongst horror fans. Join us as we count down the five greatest jaw-dropping WTF moments in this outrageous movie.


Slashback! A Mad Professor Creates Collegiate Killers in 1981’s STRANGE BEHAVIOR

There’s a good chance you might have overlooked this weird little horror hybrid; it got a bit more love outside the US (under the wonky title DEAD KIDS), but saw very little exposure stateside. Released at the peak of the slasher genre’s Golden Age, this bizarre fusion of teen body-count horror and mad science shenanigans […]

Real Life Scares 

Reports of Bloody “Vampire Attacks” Sweeping Through New Zealand Town

Just let that headline sink in for a second or two. No, we’re not kidding. Several news outlets have recently reported that the New Zealand town of Napier, a seaside community on the North Island, has been plagued by a series of unexplained attacks on locals by several unknown outsiders. All the incidents have certain […]

Real Life Scares 

Giant Venomous Spider Sneaks Aboard New Zealand Flight

When an airliner departing from Australia touched down in New Zealand, airport officials in Auckland discovered an unexpected stowaway: a giant huntsman spider, one of the largest arachnids in the world. According to a report in Stuff New Zealand, security staffers at Auckland Airport found the huge creature hiding out inside a passenger’s bundled tent, […]