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5 Fantastic New Titles on Netflix

June delivered a new group of titles to Netflix! Many of these are recently available, but a few (like DIG TWO GRAVES) arrived in May and are now starting to make waves with genre fans. Be sure to add all five of the titles to your Netflix watch list. DIG TWO GRAVES (2014) (arrived in […]

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The 10 Most Extreme Horror Movies Currently on Netflix Instant

Sometimes we want comfortable thrills that follow a formula we’ve seen before, and other times we, as genre fans, like to push ourselves to the limit. Below are 10 incredibly extreme movies that are currently available on Netflix Instant. These are all very intense, excessively violent, and disconcerting. I would not recommend viewing these on […]

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Horror Movies Coming to Netflix in November

Slim pickings this month in Netflix’s horror selection! I’m hoping they will sneak a few more titles into the mix mid-month. I am happy to see two Stephen King titles, CUJO and THINNER, making their way to instant streaming. Plus, both RAVENOUS and TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE are returning. But I’m most intrigued […]


New to Netflix: 8 Excellent Horror & Sci-Fi Films that are Now Streaming!

Some fantastic new science fiction and horror films have made their way to Netflix Instant. Check out our newest recommendations below! EVENT HORIZON (1997)(COVER PHOTO) This one was on Netflix last year and then, like the ill-fated ship, disappeared without a trace. We are glad to see that this disturbing sci-fi horror is back for […]


Feeling Extreme? 8 of the Most Intensely Disturbing Films on Netflix

I love extreme cinema. Sometimes the more twisted and warped a movie is, the more it will stick to my soul and leave a mark on my memory. Below are 8 of the most extreme films currently streaming on Netflix. But these are not just intense for the sake of shock value. All of these […]


Netflix Adds New Horror Titles: 5 Frightening Flicks That Are Now Streaming!

Netflix added a few new horror titles in January. Whoo-hoo! Fresh blood! We have culled a list of 5 fantastic Netflix horror movies below. This includes their newest horror acquisitions, as well as a few older titles you may have missed. THE FACULTY (1998) Oh, high school. You suck in general! But now the faculty […]

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5 Horror Movie Standards Streaming this Week on Netflix

Happy holidays from the gang at! We hope you are having a good one! Why not spend your vacation watching some of the classic horror flicks that made our genre great? Each of these movies are required viewing for all horror fans, so it is time to revisit them. Or if you haven’t seen […]

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Five Fantastic 2015 Horror Films Currently Streaming on Netflix

Looking to catch up on a year’s worth of horror movies? Well, you can start at Netflix Instant where a good amount of 2015 horror releases are currently available for streaming. Check out some of our staff’s favorite 2015 horror titles below. LAST SHIFT Several of us selected this title not only for our “top […]

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5 RECENT Chilling Horror Films Now Streaming on NETFLIX Instant

Searching for some contemporary horror that you may not have seen yet? Netflix has a great assortment of both old and new horror to keep you gratified. Check out our list below of five horror films that have released within the past year, all of which are Blumhouse approved, guaranteed to chill your bones, and […]


5 Chilling Horror TV Shows Now Streaming on Netflix Instant

Looking for a new episodic addiction? Feeling up for a binge watch? Read on to learn about five terrific and terrifying horror TV shows that are currently available on Netflix Instant Streaming. IZOMBIE (Season 1) When a medical student turns into a zombie, she finds a way to keep her newly developed condition a secret and […]

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Five Fearsome Horror Films Now Streaming on Netflix Instant, Week of November 2nd

Halloween may be over, but the terror doesn’t have to end! There is much horror to be had, and Netflix Instant has some phenomenal horror flicks streaming on right now. Check out our five choice picks below, now streaming the week of November 2nd, 2015. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1971) I’m gonna get old for a […]

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Watch This! 5 Great Horror Movies Now Streaming on Netflix!

Check out these five killer horror films now streaming on Netflix Instant.