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How to Unlock Tons of Hidden Lists on Netflix

We all know the basic Netflix genre divisions, but did you know there are hidden sub-genres on Netflix, and some will even display titles that may be otherwise hard to find? Yes, just like an exclusive restaurant, Netflix has secret menus. Each movie or show on Netflix is coded with subcategories according to its specific genre. For […]

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5 Incredibly Strange Movies on Netflix Instant

Looking for something different on Netflix, something that will warp your mind or shock you? Below are five of the weirdest films on Netflix instant. They are not all horror (unlike my usual lists), but they all are wild viewing experiences! IN THE BASEMENT (2014)(Cover Photo) This documentary looks at people’s obsessions, specifically examining what […]

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6 Gory & Fun Horror Films Streaming on Netflix

For this week’s curated Netflix list, I thought we would look at gore, but not just intense bloodletting, I also wanted films that are fun. This means no HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 in this lot; that one is a bit too emotionally intense to be “fun”. Each of these titles offers a unique sense of tone […]

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Netflix Instant Horror & Cult: What’s Coming in May 2017

There are some interesting horror and cult films arriving on Netflix instant in May. Choice stand-outs include BEYOND THE GATES, a fun 80s VHS-style throwback starring Barbara Crampton along with several other great horror regulars like Graham Skipper, Brea Grant, and Chase Willamson. RIVERDALE SEASON ONE is a mesmerizing, sleazy adaptation of the Archie comics […]

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9 International Horror Films on Netflix that You Need to See

Real horror fans read subtitles. There, I said it! At least once a week I’ll post up an article about an international horror film, and within seconds a whiny comment will appear lamenting about how the movie has subtitles. Real horror fans will read subtitles. So, for this week’s Netflix round-up, I have selected a […]

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6 Horror Movies Recently Added to Netflix Streaming

Over the past few weeks, Netflix added several new horror films to their streaming selection, and many of these are recent movies from 2016. Take a look below at the latest inclusions. TANK 432 (2016) TANK 432 is a combination of JACOB’S LADDER and PLATOON with a lot more ambiguity and claustrophobia. A group of […]


5 Great Horror and Thriller TV Shows Now Streaming on Netflix

Netflix has recently added a bunch of new TV programming, and luckily for genre fans, a lot of the newer content ventures into the horror and thriller sub-genres. Check out these five recent inclusions you need to see. 13 REASONS WHY A girl commits suicide and then leaves a series of tapes giving thirteen reasons […]

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5 Awesome Thriller & Horror Movies Now Streaming on Netflix

Holy zombies! TRAIN TO BUSAN is now on Netflix instant streaming. Seriously, you no longer have an excuse to miss this epic movie. We also found a few other new and over-looked treasures available now for your horror and thriller viewing pleasures. TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) Go watch this right now. Right now! A zombie outbreak […]

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New Horror Films Coming to Netflix in March

March looks to be a light month on Netflix for  horror titles, so I’m hoping they’ll sneak a few more in throughout the upcoming weeks. Some stand-outs are EVOLUTION which made it onto several top 10 lists from last year, THE CRAFT which is a sacred 90s teen witch flick, and MEMENTO which isn’t exactly […]

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10 Terrific International Horror Films Available on Netflix

Each year, some of’s favorite horror films are made outside of the USA. The horror genre is global, and it is fascinating to not only see another culture’s films, but to also gain insight into how fears and social dynamics change by region. Netflix does a phenomenal job of supporting international films, and currently […]

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The 10 Most Extreme Horror Movies Currently on Netflix Instant

Sometimes we want comfortable thrills that follow a formula we’ve seen before, and other times we, as genre fans, like to push ourselves to the limit. Below are 10 incredibly extreme movies that are currently available on Netflix Instant. These are all very intense, excessively violent, and disconcerting. I would not recommend viewing these on […]

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Thanksgiving Holiday Binge-Watching: 8 Awesome Horror TV Shows on Netflix

Got some time off from work or school this holiday? It’s the perfect chance to binge-watch a horror TV series. Spend your post-turkey coma checking out these 8 terrific horror-fueled TV shows, all of which are currently streaming on Netflix Instant. GLITCH The entire first season of the Aussie show GLITCH is now available. This […]

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Horror Movies Coming to Netflix in November

Slim pickings this month in Netflix’s horror selection! I’m hoping they will sneak a few more titles into the mix mid-month. I am happy to see two Stephen King titles, CUJO and THINNER, making their way to instant streaming. Plus, both RAVENOUS and TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE are returning. But I’m most intrigued […]