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Awesome Horror and Thriller Finds on Netflix!

Looking for some good stuff on Netflix? We’ve got you covered! Not all of these projects are pure horror, but they all will appeal to horror fans. Aliens, murder mysteries, and gore abound in this week’s selections. EXTRAORDINARY: THE STAN ROMANEK STORY (2017) Whether you believe in extra-terrestrial life or not, this is one fascinating […]

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Horror Movies, Original Series, and ROGUE ONE Coming to Netflix in July

July is bringing some very interesting horror selections to Netflix! I haven’t seen DELICATESSEN in years, so I’m excited to re-watch this quirky French cannibal flick. I also don’t recall a great deal about TAKING LIVES, so it will be interesting to revisit this one as well. THE VOID (cover photo) is a super gory, […]

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5 Fantastic New Titles on Netflix

June delivered a new group of titles to Netflix! Many of these are recently available, but a few (like DIG TWO GRAVES) arrived in May and are now starting to make waves with genre fans. Be sure to add all five of the titles to your Netflix watch list. DIG TWO GRAVES (2014) (arrived in […]

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Horror Movies and TV Coming to Netflix in June

Summer vacation is almost here, and Netflix has a bunch of horror media on the way. So it’s time to kick back and enjoy some evenings of terrifying relaxation. We are excited that YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is coming to instant streaming! Though most horror fans have seen this classic horror-comedy, it is well deserving of a revisit. We are also intrigued by […]

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Netflix Instant Horror & Cult: What’s Coming in May 2017

There are some interesting horror and cult films arriving on Netflix instant in May. Choice stand-outs include BEYOND THE GATES, a fun 80s VHS-style throwback starring Barbara Crampton along with several other great horror regulars like Graham Skipper, Brea Grant, and Chase Willamson. RIVERDALE SEASON ONE is a mesmerizing, sleazy adaptation of the Archie comics […]

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5 Awesome Thriller & Horror Movies Now Streaming on Netflix

Holy zombies! TRAIN TO BUSAN is now on Netflix instant streaming. Seriously, you no longer have an excuse to miss this epic movie. We also found a few other new and over-looked treasures available now for your horror and thriller viewing pleasures. TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) Go watch this right now. Right now! A zombie outbreak […]

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New Horror Films Coming to Netflix in March

March looks to be a light month on Netflix for  horror titles, so I’m hoping they’ll sneak a few more in throughout the upcoming weeks. Some stand-outs are EVOLUTION which made it onto several top 10 lists from last year, THE CRAFT which is a sacred 90s teen witch flick, and MEMENTO which isn’t exactly […]

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Horror Movies and TV Coming to Netflix Instant in February

I was hard-pressed to find horror titles on the “upcoming Netflix releases” list for February, hence how “horror light” movies like CORPSE BRIDE and TWILIGHT ended up on the list below. There are a couple of stand-outs though. I saw positive reviews for the FREQUENCY TV series, but I was never able to see the show during its […]

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7 Awesome Horror Films from 2016 Available Now on Netflix!

2016 may have sucked, but at least the horror movies were good! This past year delivered some terrific inclusions to the genre, and many of them are currently available on Netflix Instant! Below are seven of our favorite horror flicks released in 2016 that you can view on Netflix right now. Watch some terrific horror […]

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Horror Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in December

Some really great horror movies and shows are coming to Netflix in December including a lot of new movies that were horror festival darlings this past year. I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER was one of my favorite indie horrors and definitely Christopher Lloyd’s best performance in decades. RATS is a seriously squirmy and gross […]

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Thanksgiving Holiday Binge-Watching: 8 Awesome Horror TV Shows on Netflix

Got some time off from work or school this holiday? It’s the perfect chance to binge-watch a horror TV series. Spend your post-turkey coma checking out these 8 terrific horror-fueled TV shows, all of which are currently streaming on Netflix Instant. GLITCH The entire first season of the Aussie show GLITCH is now available. This […]

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Been Watching STRANGER THINGS? Take Our Quiz & Find Out How Much You Remember!

Last week at DEAD RIGHT HORROR TRIVIA NIGHT in Los Angeles, co-host Jared Rivet presented a round on the amazing Netflix Original series STRANGER THINGS. Have you been watching? Try out the DEAD RIGHT HORROR TRIVIA NIGHT quiz for STRANGER THINGS below!