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Horror Movies and TV Coming to Netflix Instant in February

I was hard-pressed to find horror titles on the “upcoming Netflix releases” list for February, hence how “horror light” movies like CORPSE BRIDE and TWILIGHT ended up on the list below. There are a couple of stand-outs though. I saw positive reviews for the FREQUENCY TV series, but I was never able to see the show during its […]

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5 Recent Horror Movies Now Streaming on Netflix

  Over the past few weeks Netflix has procured a fine assortment of recent horror releases, including a few that are exclusive just to Netflix. Check out five stand-out titles below that are currently streaming. UNDER THE SHADOW (2016) One of the best international horror films of last year, UNDER THE SHADOW follows a mother and […]

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Horror Films Coming to Netflix in January

I take back everything I said about Netflix in December when they were so light on the horror releases. The January line-up is full of horror gems reminding me why I love Netflix Instant. Do not miss TALES OF HALLOWEEN (available now), a fun anthology celebrating our favorite holiday. The movie is jam-packed with horror notables. January […]

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7 Awesome Horror Films from 2016 Available Now on Netflix!

2016 may have sucked, but at least the horror movies were good! This past year delivered some terrific inclusions to the genre, and many of them are currently available on Netflix Instant! Below are seven of our favorite horror flicks released in 2016 that you can view on Netflix right now. Watch some terrific horror […]

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Horror Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in December

Some really great horror movies and shows are coming to Netflix in December including a lot of new movies that were horror festival darlings this past year. I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER was one of my favorite indie horrors and definitely Christopher Lloyd’s best performance in decades. RATS is a seriously squirmy and gross […]


The Horror Fan’s Guide to “NETFLIX AND CHILL”

When I’m not writing about horror movies or tweeting self-deprecating jokes, I like to consider myself a connoisseur of going on terrible, horrible, no good, very bad dates. I went through a phase where all of my dates were the equivalent of a McGriddle after a night of heavy drinking. Meaning, they were cheap and […]


’80s Kids Had It Good: Why Finding New Horror Is Exponentially Harder For Younger Generations

Many horror fans speak in wonderment and delight about the golden days of Mom & Pop video stores. If fans of’s podcast, Shock Waves, took a drink every time someone mentioned growing up in a rental shop looking at VHS box covers, we’d all die within two episodes. We’ve featured quizzes and lists, praising the […]