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5 Best Additions That BATES MOTEL Made To The PSYCHO Mythos!

What’s been fun about BATES MOTEL for me as a life-long PSYCHO fan is trying to guess how and when certain threads from the original mythos will present themselves. Pretty much since the very beginning, we knew this modern remake of the story of Norman Bates and his Mother would eventually loop into the events […]


When Will The Inevitable Happen On BATES MOTEL?

Warning: Spoilers regarding both BATES MOTEL and the PSYCHO series follow. Holy smokes! A&E’s BATES MOTEL is only 2 episodes into their 4th season and it’s been off to a (pun intended) killer start! Despite being well versed in the previous incarnations of Norman Bates’ story through either the PSYCHO films or the Robert Bloch […]