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This Teaser for CARTRIDGE Expands the Infamous Legend of a Haunted Video Game

Some of the most disturbing web legends out there involve video games which have been dangerously altered — whether it be through a horrific curse, the angry spirit of a deceased player, a top-secret mind experiment, or even some combination of the above. Among these tales of dangerous or deadly games, arguably the most enduring and […]

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CREEPYPASTA: The Infamous “MAJORA’S MASK Haunting” Claims a New Victim

If you missed our earlier entry about the notorious creepypasta known as “BEN Drowned,” be sure to check that story before reading on… because once you know the context of today’s tale, it will take on a much more disturbing real-life aspect. Have you read it? Good. Buckle up, kids, because the tale of that […]


Honest Trailers Spot-On Assessment Of FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE NES VIDEO GAME

We love the fine fiends over at Screen Junkies and their series of “Honest Trailers” video clips. So them delving into video games because of a single request to do an honest trailer for the NES FRIDAY THE 13TH video game from a fan is right up our alley and a welcome addition! It seems like […]