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Is J.J. Abrams Bringing All Of Stephen King’s Characters To Hulu Series CASTLE ROCK?

Wow. So, if you’re a Stephen King fan, the teaser trailer to J.J. Abrams new Hulu TV series simply titled CASTLE ROCK, is going to blow you away. Castle Rock is, of course, the town in which a good chunk of King’s novels take place. If the implication of this teaser is true, then we’re […]

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Even MORE Horror Movies That Should Be Made Into TV Series!

As we have already demonstrated (twice, in fact: be sure to check out our first and second list of great film-to-TV candidates), there is no shortage of great (and not-so great) horror movies that could be adapted into awesome TV shows. We’ve seen a lot of success stories already, including BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, HANNIBAL […]