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Fame is a Bitch From Hell: A Horror Fan’s Perspective on NEON DEMON, STARRY EYES & MULHOLLAND DRIVE

[Note: Mild spoilers and NSFW images ahead] What film buffs term “Hollywood Noir” or “Hollywood Gothic” is certainly not a new genre in itself; the concept of Tinseltown as a soulless, ravenous beast devouring the hopes and dreams of the innocent — especially young women with visions of stardom — is prime material for gothic […]


Remade For America! Revisiting THE RING & THE RING TWO

Last week, I jumped feet first back into the RING franchise by treating myself to a double bill of RINGU and its sequel RINGU 2. Because things get confusing with the remaining Japanese entries in the franchise, I decided to jump this week right into the 2002 American remake of THE RING by Gore Verbinski […]