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Still Driving Angry: Why You Should Watch DRIVE ANGRY

What would you say if I told you that two years after MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D showed us all how awesome 3D could be, and that horror remakes could be great, the same writer and director came out with another 3D movie? What would you say if I told you that this follow-up from the […]

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Today, We Celebrate Harry Warden And MY BLOODY VALENTINE!

Well, today is the day. Where we connect with our loved ones and wish them a bloody Valentine! There aren’t a tremendous amount of options when it comes to Valentine themed horror movies, but I’m sure a lot of you will be celebrating the holiday that Harry Warden laid claim to with his bloody pick […]


Have Yourself A Bloody Little VALENTINE’s With These New Horror Shirts!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Yep, the dreaded…. Valentine’s Day! I don’t know how you single folks celebrate. I usually treat myself to a double feature of the 2009 MY BLOODY VALENTINE remake in 3D, paired up with the rare uncut version of the original 1981 “slasher” cult classic MY BLOODY VALENTINE. But […]


Harry Warden’s Body Count! MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D Vs The Original!

Since I’ve had Harry Warden on the brain all week after my epic double feature of MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D with the original uncut version of the 1981 cult classic, it seemed only fitting that I devote this week’s edition of “Character Showdown” to the infamous pickaxed miner! But I want to do something a […]



Horror fans rejoice! Available today for your Kindle via Amazon Digital Services is Brian Collins HORROR MOVIE A DAY: THE BOOK courtesy of Birth.Movies.Death publishing. For those unfamiliar, Brian has been a regular genre web contributor since the early days of and for a consecutive 6 years had a blog titled “Horror Movie A Day.” […]


I Survived Valentine’s Day With A MY BLOODY VALENTINE Double Feature!

Like a lot of you out there, I’m sure you spent this last Valentine’s Day weekend watching the MY BLOODY VALENTINE movies. How can we possibly resist? As fans of the genre, we’re so fortunate to have at least a small handful of titles to choose from for every conceivable holiday of the year. Plus, […]


Second Stab: Five Movies That Deserved Sequels

If there’s one thing the horror genre is not afraid of, it’s sequels. We all have a love / hate relationship with sequels, we argue the merits of them and, in some cases, will claim that a sequel is superior to the original. Is the first FRIDAY THE 13TH anyone’s favorite? I know mine is […]


5 Must Own 3D Blu-Rays!

Man oh man. I am a 3D junkie. I just love it. But mind you, I’m not talking about spending the extra cash, getting the bulky glasses and seeing a predominantly darkly projected movie in the movie theaters. No, I love 3D movies in the home environment! In fact, I often skip seeing 3D movies […]