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A Look Back at David Lynch’s HBO Series: HOTEL ROOM

“For a millennium the space for the hotel room existed… undefined. Mankind captured it and gave it shape and passed through. And sometimes when passing through, they found themselves brushing up against the secret names of truth.” This spoken narration is from the opening of David Lynch’s seldom spoken of 1993 HBO mini-series, HOTEL ROOM. The […]


Explaining What the Hell is Happening in David Lynch’s LOST HIGHWAY

David Lynch’s 1997 neo-noir film LOST HIGHWAY is a dark and twisted journey seen through the perspective of a tortured and jealous musician. Fred Madison (Bill Pullman) is a saxophonist who develops suspicions that his wife Renee Madison (Patricia Arquette) is cheating on him. After a strange party and an even stranger meeting with a […]

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A Complete Explanation of What the Hell is Going on in MULHOLLAND DRIVE

An aspiring actress arrives in Los Angeles with her head full of dreams only to encounter a mysterious woman who can’t remember her name, a decomposing body, a strange blue key, and an insane amount of symbolism and imagery. MULHOLLAND DR. is David Lynch’s neo-noir masterpiece. A blatant indictment of the Hollywood monster far too […]


Ten Horrifying Moments From the Works of David Lynch

“It’s a strange world, isn’t it?” — Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan), BLUE VELVET Yes, strange indeed… strange that I’ve never heard anyone seriously describe iconic filmmaker, artist and musician David Lynch as “a horror director.” But if you were to gauge an artist’s output by how frequently they employ certain motifs and images in their […]


Fame is a Bitch From Hell: A Horror Fan’s Perspective on NEON DEMON, STARRY EYES & MULHOLLAND DRIVE

[Note: Mild spoilers and NSFW images ahead] What film buffs term “Hollywood Noir” or “Hollywood Gothic” is certainly not a new genre in itself; the concept of Tinseltown as a soulless, ravenous beast devouring the hopes and dreams of the innocent — especially young women with visions of stardom — is prime material for gothic […]

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11 Potentially Awesome Horror & Sci-Fi TV Shows that Never Aired

TV is a fickle, bitchy landscape. Shows come and go at the whim of executives, audiences, and voodoo curses. And what gets the green light one day may be canceled the next. Each year, the networks order test pilots to try out shows, casts, writers, or concepts with audiences.  And sometimes, even if the ideas […]