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Blind Artist Redhawk Creates Incredibly Unique Animated GIFS for MORGAN

Everyone loves a good GIF, especially when it takes tense moments from a feature film and makes them even more chilling. George Redhawk did just that with these GIFs from Fox’s upcoming feature, MORGAN.   Redhawk is not just another artist. The Native American was a medical teacher who suddenly began to lose his vision due […]


More Details About What MORGAN Is Are Revealed in Creepy New “Beautiful Baby” Video

Meet Morgan, the newest member of the family. As you can see by these home movies, Morgan is a typical child. She is shy, but warms up to people quickly. She loves flowers and playing outdoors. She loves her family. Okay, maybe Morgan isn’t quite your typical child. For one thing, she grew up very, […]


5 Things that Intrigue Us About the MORGAN Trailer

In MORGAN, a corporate troubleshooter is brought in to evaluate whether or not the latest project should be terminated. The trouble is, the “project” is a bioengineered human being that is evolving far faster than anyone imagined. The film, directed by Luke Scott in his feature directorial debut, stars Kate Mara (AMERICAN HORROR STORY), Jennifer […]


AMC Embeds Mid-Season Teasers in New Poster for THE WALKING DEAD!

As the second half of THE WALKING DEAD’s sixth season creeps up on us, the folks at AMC have unveiled a massive, high-resolution key art poster that contains some tantalizing glimpses of the story’s ever-expanding canvas. The collage — which can be downloaded at full size here — was posted today on the show’s official […]