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6 Things We Learned From Scream Factory’s THE EXORCIST III Blu-Ray Release

It’s a great time to be a fan of THE EXORCIST. William Friedkin’s 1973 film adaptation of the novel by William Peter Blatty has long been considered “the scariest movie of all time,” and for most people, that title remains firmly intact, despite the existence of a few misguided sequel/prequels sharing the same name. There is […]


Are We Finally Getting A “Director’s Cut” of THE EXORCIST III: LEGION?

EXORCIST III: LEGION was released in theaters on August 17th, 1990 and marked a prominent return to form for the franchise, mainly because of its direct connection to the original and with author/creator William Peter Blatty at the helm as director. Despite being a hit and offering one (if not two!) of the best genuine scares […]