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Celebrating the Hilarious Horrors of MONTY PYTHON!

Genre cross-pollination has always been a concept that — unintentionally or not — can push audiences into directions they might not otherwise go. For horror fans, Monty Python was always a source of humor that traversed the boundaries of acceptability on both TV and at the movies… and consequently, the British troupe’s output helped its […]

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DEAD POETS SOCIETY Goes MONTY PYTHON In This Glorious “Farewell, Mr. Bunting” SNL Skit!

Oh Saturday Night Live. Sometimes, they’ll pull out a gag in a skit that knows just how to make our dark black hearts smile. This weekend’s guest host Fred Armisen, along with cast members Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Jay Pharoah, Jon Rudnitsky and Pete Davidson lead this DEAD POETS SOCIETY inspired spoof. But with a little twist… […]

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Are You Prepared to See the Many Faces of DEATH?

As one of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death may ride a pale horse, but that didn’t stop him from going solo.  We take a quick and furtive look at the many faces of Death!  (Sorry, not those faux-autopsy 1980s flicks). Since Man first became aware of his very limited mortality Death has been […]


A Quick Look Back at Monty Python’s Hilariously Gory Sketch SALAD DAYS

Years ago, I was interviewing the band GWAR and asked them what some of their prime influences were that led to the group’s distinctive mix of comedy and over-the-top gore. Amongst several horror movies, one response stood out- “Monty Python’s SALAD DAYS!” They all nodded in agreement and went on to discuss how this single […]