The 13th Floor

Check Out the Terrifying 3 Min Short MASK MAKER

Let’s bring this work week to a close with another fantastic short from our friends over at Crypt TV. This one is from filmmaker John William Ross, and it examines the art of creating the perfect mask. Enjoy, and have a scary good weekend!


Horror Coffee Break! Check Out the Terrifying Short Film LANDSCAPE

For today’s horror short film, let’s take a look at LANDSCAPE, directed by Michael Evans. His previously horror short, 2AM: THE SMILING MAN, is a fan favorite on, and LANDSCAPE packs that same level of tension and ambiguity throughout. Check it out below! An artist discovers that there is something sinister lurking in one […]

The 5 Scariest Horror Shorts that are Under Five Minutes

We watch a lot of horror short films at, and we love debating which are the funniest or have the best concepts. But how about the scariest? For today, we have carved together our list of the five creepiest, freakiest, and most chilling horror shorts we could fine online that are also under five […]

Can You Handle 3 Minutes of Terror with THE MOONLIGHT MAN Short Film?

In need of a coffee break or just have three minutes to spare? Well, that’s all the time we need to scare the heck out of you! Check out THE MOONLIGHT MAN, directed by Danny Donahue. A girl encounters a strange being while walking to her car, and, after accidentally losing her keys, she finds […]


Got 90 Seconds? Check Out the Frightening Horror Short FROM BELOW!

Let’s kick the week off with a brisk bit of terror! This short film hails from the mind of Ben Sottak (a former Blumhouse intern). To see more of Ben’s work, go here. And check out the horror short FROM BELOW right here…


Death Lives…and Makes Coffee: Watch the Horror/Comedy Short THE BARISTA

Let’s kick off this Monday morning with a bit of coffee and death. Starring Chase Willamson (JOHN DIES AT THE END), Morgan Peter Brown (ABSENTIA), and Amanda Fuller (STARRY EYES), THE BARISTA takes place in a small coffee shop which may be hiding a very dark secret.


Blumhouse Intern Short Film Challenge: See What’s Lurking UNDER THE BED!

Each semester at Blumhouse Productions, our interns receive a short film challenge. They must work in teams to create a short horror movie with no budget. The films are each written, directed, and edited by the intern group and shot entirely on smart phones with no special equipment. The teams are also not allowed to use any separate […]


Fear in Under 5 Minutes!: Check out these Terrifying Horror Shorts

Coffee break? If you have 5 minutes, then you have time for a good scare. Below are 5 fantastic horror shorts, all under 5 minutes in length! THE COP CAM Synopsis: A police officer gets called to an abandoned house, and his body camera catches the horror.   WHITE WITH RED Synopsis: This one is based […]


Terror in Under 3 Minutes: Check out this Horrifying Short Film Starring Ted Raimi!

The folks over at Fun Size Horror have become known for packing major scares into just a few minutes with their successful series of short films. Check out the film SEMBLANCE below starring horror icon Ted Raimi and directed by Bill Whirity. And for more short scares, head over to Fun Size Horror.


Horror-Comedy in Under 3 Minutes: Check Out the Short Film WITCH’S BREW!

Halloween is almost upon us! To start getting in the spooky spirit, here is a quirky horror-comedy short about a well-known children’s party game gone horribly wrong.  


Check Out this Awesome Horror Short Created From Just One Terrifying Sentence!

“Scare us in one sentence.” That was the only rule. Crypt TV, in conjunction with Movie Pilot, ran a contest this past summer asking fans to scare them in just one sentence, and then they would select the winning sentence and create a short film from it. The winning sentence was “I didn’t have to […]


Check Out this Terrifying 4 Minute Short Based on a Creepypasta

Let’s start the week off with a brisk bit of terror. Check out the short film THE RAKE below! It is based off a well-known CreepyPasta, but no prior knowledge is required to enjoy this frightening film. And for more info on the Creepypasta that inspired the short, check out the article on the […]


Check Out This Short Film That Proves That Real MONSTERS Exist

Every once in a while, we’ll stumble upon a new horror short film that really blows us away, both in execution and in style. Below is one of those shorts, courtesy of director Steve Desmond. MONSTERS is about a young girl named Jenn who lives in an underground bunker with her family, protected from the monsters […]