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Dakota Fanning Squares Off With a Horrifying “Monster Made of Men” in the Latest Short from Neill Blomkamp’s OATS STUDIOS

If you’re sci-if/horror fan – and you’re looking for a way to beat the insufferable summer heat – this should send more than a few shivers up your spine.  Streaming now from Neill Blomkamp’s newly-christened OATS STUDIOS is ZYGOTE, the latest in the South-African filmmaker’s new series of experimental sci-fi shorts. A quick recap for the uninitiated – […]


We Chat With SiREN Director Gregg Bishop!

Like most horror fans, I love anthologies. And sometimes, a segment in an anthology can be so indelible that it makes you long to see an expanded version of that story. For V/H/S, the opening short “Amateur Night” helmed by David Bruckner, 1/3rd of the filmmaking trio behind 2007’s THE SIGNAL, is one of my […]