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Furious George! The Badass Baboons of SANDS OF THE KALAHARI and SHAKMA

Baboons are terrifying. They’re loud and aggressive. They have razor-­sharp sabers for teeth. They have piercing, human-­like eyes. And they have really scary hineys. These alarming attributes make the species particularly good monsters — even if the movies they star in aren’t always a barrel full of monkeys. Cy Endfield’s 1965 thriller SANDS OF THE […]

Real Life Scares 

Is This Texas Bridge Haunted by Murderous Monkeys?

In Henderson County, Texas, near the small town of Athens, a certain railway bridge has picked up a creepy nickname among locals: Monkey Bridge. The history behind it is even creepier than the name itself: according to local lore, the derailment of a circus train in the 1960s freed dozens of monkeys from their cages, and […]