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Check Out The Trailer To DOBAARA, The Bollywood Remake Of OCULUS!

Whoa. This is so fascinating! A lot of times, these well-regarded, much talked about foreign genre films will be picked up and remade for American audiences. Personally, I prefer the original versions, but sadly, there are far too many general audience members that don’t want to read subtitles! (What’s the matter with you?!) But once […]


The Directors We Want to See Make a Found Footage Film

Most fans have gotten over their desire to drop a steaming pile on any film shot in a home video, or handy-cam format. It’s evident at this stage that a new style of film was popularized by Eduardo Sanchez in 1999, and enough young filmmakers jumped at the idea of getting rich and famous with […]


Mike Flanagan Adapting THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE As Netflix Series!

Filmmaker Mike Flanagan has proven to be one of the most interesting and unique voices working within the horror genre these last few years. From his debut ABSENTIA, to the cult festival hit OCULUS, to the prequel OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL, to last year’s sleeper Netflix hit HUSH, Flanagan has proven himself a force within the […]

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All things come to an end, and every ending is a new beginning. This week on The Horror News Rundown we’re taking a look at a television series that’s coming to a close, a novella that may never see the light of day, some exciting new films and television series, and the return of one […]

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THE LOST BOYS, BEFORE I WAKE and CLUE — This Week’s Horror News Rundown!

Life is full of little victories and tragedies, and this week has had a little bit of both. Classic movies are getting ambitious new television series, while other classic movies are getting “iffy” new reimaginings. A highly anticipated new horror movie got pushed back while a high-profile horror remake showed off its scariest stuff for […]


Who Are The NEW Masters of Horror…? (Part 2)

Last month I argued that the title “Masters of Horror” should have been bestowed upon a brand new generation of filmmakers a long time ago. So I put a handful of the most obvious names into the hat just to get the conversation started (folks like Guillermo Del Toro and James Wan, for example) but […]

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Catching Up On SHOCK WAVES! A Run-Down On The Produced Podcast

Did you know that produces an original horror talk show podcast called SHOCK WAVES? Hopefully you’re already on board with the show, hosted by myself, editor-in-chief Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane, but if you’re not (and since we’re on a brief hiatus from new episodes at the moment), we thought now was as […]


Watch the Terrifying New Trailer for Mike Flanagan’s OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL!

Need a quick jolt of adrenalin to get you through a grueling summer day? We’ve got a little clip that should do the trick better than a cold shower. The follow-up to 2014’s surprise box-office hit OUIJA is headed your way, with one of our all-time fave directors Mike Flanagan (OCULUS, HUSH) at the helm, collaborating […]


Check Out The Original OCULUS Short Film!

Sometimes certain filmmakers they have a story they’ve been carrying around for years and years before it comes to fruition as a feature length film. For writer/director Mike Flanagan, we heard all about the long road to making OCULUS happen on this week’s episode of the Shock Waves podcast. (Hear it right here!) Long before the […]


Talking Stephen King, OCULUS, HUSH & More With Mike Flanagan On SHOCK WAVES Episode 4!

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for a brand new episode of the horror podcast SHOCK WAVES! On episode 4, join hosts Rebekah McKendry, Elric Kane and (yours truly) Rob Galluzzo as we discuss the latest horrors! We report back from the month-long “witch horror” celebration at the Cinefamily with their screenings of HAXAN […]


HUSH Director Mike Flanagan’s Five Favorite Thrillers

When you first hear the concept for Mike Flanagan’s HUSH, your first reaction is probably, “Why haven’t I seen that before?” The new home invasion thriller stars Kate Siegel (who also co-wrote the screenplay) as a deaf woman being stalked by a masked killer, her disability affecting her plight in ways which may get her […]


New Trailer for Mike Flanagan’s HUSH

The first trailer for HUSH, the new movie from OCULUS director Mike Flanagan, has just debuted online. The trailer comes just one day after it was announced Netflix has acquired the film’s worldwide streaming rights. The horror thriller will make its World Premiere at SXSW this Saturday, March 12th and will be available globally on Netflix […]


Mike Flanagan’s HUSH to Premiere at SXSW, Then Coming to Netflix!

The latest horror feature from OCULUS director Mike Flanagan is nearly here: it’s just been confirmed that HUSH will make its World Premiere this Saturday, March 12 at the South By Southwest Film Festival, followed by its exclusive debut on Netflix streaming services on April 8. Our own Jason Blum re-teamed with Intrepid Pictures’ Trevor […]