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Interview With BONE TOMAHAWK Writer/Director S. Craig Zahler

One of the most pleasant cinematic surprises of 2015 was the directorial debut from acclaimed novelist S. Craig Zahler, BONE TOMAHAWK; an all star Western fronted by Kurt Russell that feels like a Coen Brothers film that just happens to stumble upon a tribe of deadly cannibals. It’s truly a remarkable, unique and ambitious first […]


Killer POV Pick Of The Week – BONE TOMAHAWK

One of the most talked about stand out films that played earlier this fall at Beyond Fest was the Western, BONE TOMAHAWK. Now that it’s officially available on Amazon VOD for rental (with a Blu-Ray/DVD release queued up for December 29th), I rented the flick and it immediately not only became my Killer POV pick of […]



For my final Fantastic Fest recap, I figured I’d fit the rest of the week’s standout films/events into one piece. Days 4-8 were filled with some off the wall films, intense parties and a vibe in the air that gave off a feeling that we were all there to have fun and treat everyone as […]