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A Tribute to George A. Romero: Father of Modern Horror

The grief you and I are feeling today is beyond measure, as the passing of legendary filmmaker George Andrew Romero impacts each of us uniquely — just as his iconic works have changed our lives and careers in so many different ways. Whether you’re a horror fan who grew up on Romero’s classics, a filmmaker […]


6 More Horror Movies We Hope Come To Blu-Ray Soon

A few days back, we looked at 6 horror titles that have yet to make a debut here in America on Blu-Ray. Yesterday, we looked at 6 foreign horror classics, and today I’ve got 6 more genre movies that I’d love to see get the high def/special edition treatment. At this point, the major studios […]


Tony Giles TOP 10 Horror Soundtrack Releases of 2015!

2015 has been an absolutely killer year for horror score/soundtracks. We’ve had some classic rarities re-issued alongside some utter gems that I thought we’d never see. As the year began to come to an end I knew making this list would probably be the hardest thing I did this holiday season – well, that and […]

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5 Underrated and Obscure Vampire Films

Though they have waxed and waned in popularity over the decades, most horror fans are passionate about their vampires. Be it DRACULA, THE LOST BOYS, or LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, vampires have taken on many forms to repeatedly revive themselves in the world of horror cinema. Check out these five obscure and underrated vampire […]



‘Manos! God of primal darkness! As thou has decreed so have I done. The hands of fate have doomed this man. Thy will is done’. As hard as I try I still can’t remember the first time I heard the words MANOS – THE HANDS OF FATE. It could have been the episode ‘Ten Sessions’ of […]