The 13th Floor


Alien Alert! Watching WITHOUT WARNING And PREDATOR 3D!

When it comes to curating weekly double features, sometimes you really have to go for it. And while I’ve previously paired up original horror movies with their remakes, and sometimes films with their sequels, this one was too fun an idea to pass up! I finally obtained Scream Factory’s release of the long-lost 1980 alien […]


Slashback! Don’t Get Caught ALONE IN THE DARK With This All-Star Cast of Crazies!

Before we get into this week’s vintage slasher flick, I should probably point out to the less-informed that there are two horror films bearing the title ALONE IN THE DARK. Today I’m going to talk about the cool one; the other one is directed by Uwe Boll, which should tell you all you need to […]