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15 Years Later: PART TWO Of Our Chat With THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES Director Mark Pellington!

Read PART ONE of our interview with Mark Pellington right here. Adam Barnick: Do you think John Klein was brought to Point Pleasant in order to LEARN to let go?  To accept not getting answers? Mark Pellington: What transported him there that night, to go through this experience, to the phone call with Laura Linney […]


Exclusive Interview With Director Mark Pellington On THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES 15th Anniversary!

In 2002, a different kind of ‘horror’ film appeared on movie screens. A loose adaptation of the paranormal book of the same name from author/journalist John Keel, THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES is a meditation on grief and loss, and the desperation that loss can provoke. It is equally an utterly disturbing, disorienting look into potentially supernatural […]

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The Shocking Suicide That Inspired Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”

By the time Pearl Jam had released their third single and video from their debut album, TEN, in late 1992, they were already on the cusp of super stardom, following in line with a long list of Seattle-based bands that the media and record labels were hoping would be “the next Nirvana.” They’d already successfully […]