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The Unironic Virtues of MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE

In 1966, a fertilizer salesman named Harold P. Warren sat down in a coffee shop in El Paso, TX to have a warm and friendly klatch with a screenwriter friend named Stirling Silliphant. Warren, a sometimes actor who worked a lot in local theatrical productions, had met Silliphant while working as an extra on the […]

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11 Bad Horror Movies That MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Made Famous

Let’s just say that the 1990s weren’t a good decade to be a bad movie. The proliferation of cable and home video was making high quality motion pictures and television easier to access across the world, and the cottage industry of repurposing ancient, terrible horror films for late night TV programming was beginning to dwindle. […]



‘Manos! God of primal darkness! As thou has decreed so have I done. The hands of fate have doomed this man. Thy will is done’. As hard as I try I still can’t remember the first time I heard the words MANOS – THE HANDS OF FATE. It could have been the episode ‘Ten Sessions’ of […]