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Documentary on A SERBIAN FILM in the Works (and Possibly an Extended Cut)

Even if you’ve never dared to see it, you probably know about it… and maybe you’ve even heard the shocking details from those who managed to survive A SERBIAN FILM. Immediately following its 2010 release, the highly-controversial (and still widely banned) creation of director/co-writer Srđan Spasojević raced to the top of nearly every movie site’s […]

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I have a confession to make: When I was a kid, I was a huge Michael Jackson fan — so much so that I took a little heat from it from other kids. Despite this, I was scared to death of the THRILLER music video. I grew up in a time when my Dad would […]

Image Credit: Kyle Cassie

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Watch the Making of Blumhouse’s Interactive Slasher FIFTEEN!

Blumhouse recently made horror history with a Halloween’s launch of FIFTEEN – the first interactive POV slasher film to use the Periscope app, allowing audiences to actually determine the outcome of a killer’s reign of terror in real time. While the end product appears totally spontaneous and improvisational (and much of it was), it’s also […]


EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes of Psychedelic Slasher MADE ME DO IT

The debut horror feature from Benjamin Ironside Koppin (DEATH LUST, CHILDREN OF WRATH, FEARnet’s DEAD NOISE and JOBS OF THE DAMNED) pays homage to the classic tropes of the slasher subgenre while simultaneously turning them inside out. Using schizophrenic media-mashup techniques (including 35mm and 16mm film stocks, VHS and Super-8 videotape, subliminal stills and even hand-drawn animation), MADE […]