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This Teaser for CARTRIDGE Expands the Infamous Legend of a Haunted Video Game

Some of the most disturbing web legends out there involve video games which have been dangerously altered — whether it be through a horrific curse, the angry spirit of a deceased player, a top-secret mind experiment, or even some combination of the above. Among these tales of dangerous or deadly games, arguably the most enduring and […]

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New Documentary to Investigate “The Werewolf of Cannock Chase?”

Few outsiders have heard about the horrific tales originating from a woodland region of Britain’s Staffordshire County known as Cannock Chase… but the research of Damon Simms might change all that. Simms (pictured above), who writes a column for the Stoke Sentinel entitled “Supernatural Staffordshire,” has dedicated much of his research to the many monstrous […]

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Listen Up! More Great Horror Podcasts!

Just about this time last year, the great Gregory Burkhart gave us a list of horror podcasts you should be listening to. If, like me, you’re a podcast fiend, you listen to all the ones he listed, but like a gluttonous Dracula, you always want more. Well, we’re here to help you satiate your appetite […]

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Horror fans have a lot to celebrate this week, with exciting new movie and television announcements, unexpected adaptations and the always-encouraging premise of monsters getting chainsawed in half. Let’s not waste any time getting to this week’s Horror News Rundown, where you can get all the biggest horror news of the week in one place! […]

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Discover Why Terrified Locals Call This “The Devil’s Tree”

This massive and stately oak tree, towering in isolation over a field in Somerset County, New Jersey, is spooky enough just to look at in the fading light… but if you know its bloody history, as well as the legends which have surrounded it, the twisting, skeletal limbs of “The Devil’s Tree” take on a […]