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Nine Great Horror Films About Sexual Hysteria

Horror films are about more than a visceral thrill, or indulging in one’s personal streak of cruelty (there is definitely a dark pleasure in watching fictionalized human bodies being rent, eviscerated, and sometimes eaten). Horror films, when they’re at least ambitious, tend to tap into universal human fears: our fear of the unknown, fear of […]

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Five Things We Love About AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, Episode 501

Last week, AMERICAN HORROR STORY debuted its fifth season, HOTEL, with its usual blend of spellbinding visuals, and over-the-top gore and sex. Rather than just recapping the episode, each week we are going to break it down into the most interesting, weird, delightful, and mind-boggling bits. 1. References Last season, FREAK SHOW, had scene-for-scene “homages” to […]

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The 13 Scariest Heavy Metal Album Covers [NSFW]

Since the dawn of rock and roll, there have been detractors who heard the devil in the music. Years later the offshoot “heavy metal” began to take shape and officially embraced the idea of horror in popular music, featuring disturbing lyrics, confrontational themes and Grand Guignol album covers that many well-intentioned parents wouldn’t even allow […]