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The Must See Movie of 2017: A MONSTER CALLS is the Horror Movie That Will Make You Cry

For some, the horror genre exists to remove us from harsh reality. We sit down in front of supernatural entities and exaggerated violence as a way of brushing aside the actual phobias of our lives, because those fears feel so punishing that brutal stabbings – perhaps bizarrely – are an effective respite. And yet, horror […]


THE SHALLOWS Director Talks Returning to ORPHAN and More Liam Neeson Action

THE SHALLOWS, which pits Blake Lively against a marauding great white shark and opened this past Friday, brings director Jaume Collet-Serra back to the horror field where he began his career, with the 2005 version of HOUSE OF WAX. He saw his greatest success in the genre with 2009’s ORPHAN, and while talking up THE SHALLOWS […]