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Be-GORE-ra! Eight Irish Horror Movies Worth Checking Out

Ireland has given the world many useful things; the ejector seat, color photography, the Riverdance, hypodermic needles… and of course, Guinness. It’s also a place with a rich, proud tradition of horror storytelling and mythology, from banshees, fairies and leprechauns all the way to author Bram Stoker’s iconic creation DRACULA. Ireland has experienced something of a horror movie boom in recent […]


5 Excessively Gory and Gross Horror Movies Now on Netflix

Hey, Gorehounds! There are some marvelous, hyper-splattery horror flicks available on Netflix this week. Below we have curated a list of 5 choice selections that are guaranteed not only to provide top-notch horror, but also to poke your gag reflex. So let’s grab some popcorn that you may later regret eating and embark on a stomach-churning […]

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Rob G’s TOP 10 Horror Films Of 2015!

The year 2015, for the horror genre, was what I can best describe as a completely unpredictable one. There was a nice increase in a lot of independent fare, some of which slipped through the cracks of the underground and managed to find mainstream success, such as IT FOLLOWS. Whether you liked that one or […]