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Ten Overlooked Horror Film Scores That Deserve Your Love

Every horror enthusiast knows the importance of atmosphere in genre film — when done effectively, camera work, color and auditory cues are utilized to manipulate audience emotions. Many horror films would not have their desired eerie effect without a solid musical score to accompany the viewer on their journey; when it comes to horror scores, […]

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Five Obscure Horror Titles on the National Film Registry

The National Film Registry is a highly respected cinema institution. Run by the National Film Preservation Board, the list currently numbers at around 700 films. Every year, they select up to 25 “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant films” to preserve for posterity in the Library of Congress. These are incredibly important films, from the very […]

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Ten Lesser-Known Creepypastas That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

It’s hard to believe a few years have passed since I first welcomed our readers to the nightmare landscape of viral horror known as creepypasta… and since then, the pastas themselves — along with their menagerie of spooky characters and devoted fans all around the world — have become such a part of popular culture […]

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Nine Lesser-Known Horror Titles Currently Streaming on Hulu

It might not be the most popular streaming service around, but Hulu is a force to be reckoned with, especially now that their limited series THE HANDMAID’S TALE is drawing HOUSE OF CARDS-level buzz. So if you’re thinking of jumping on the Hulu bandwagon, I’m here to be your handy guidepost to the genre material […]

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5 Terrifying Films You’ve Likely Never Seen

I know the feeling. You feel like you’ve seen every horror film out there, and maybe you have come close. But perhaps you overlooked a spooky gem or two somewhere. Here are five very obscure horror films that scared the bejeezus out of me. Fair warning, some of these are a tad hard to find, […]

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10 More Obscure 1980s Horror Movies You Need to See

A few weeks back, I explored ten obscure horror films from the 1980s that many fans may have over-looked or missed. Check out the first list here. Today, we are exploring another ten titles, all from the 1980s, and all much in need of a rediscovery, especially if you are a diehard 80s horror fan. […]

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10 Lesser-Known 1980s Horror Movies You Need to See

The 1980s were known for big hair, neon colors, loud music, and also a massive boom in the horror genre. The advent of the VCR created a whole new market for rental tapes, and filmmakers could not churn out horror films fast enough to keep the ravenous fans satisfied. But because there was such a […]

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Banned in the UK!: 10 Obscure Horror Greats on the “Video Nasties” List

During the 1980s, when movies first entered homes via VHS tapes, bannings and censorship became rampant in many parts of the world. Perhaps the most well-known of these censorship movements was the United Kingdom’s “video nasties”, a list of 72 horror movies that were in some way censored. Some of the titles were just forced […]

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10 Obscure Slasher Films You Need to See

As both a horror fan and a lover of cheesy 80’s pop culture runoff, it’s like I’ve been genetically designed in a lab to love slasher films. Over my lifetime I’ve seen hundreds of the things, and my abiding love has buoyed me through some real stinkers. But sitting through CRAZY FAT ETHEL 2 is […]

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10 Lesser-Known Horror Films You Need to See

There are as many definitions of ‘horror’ as there are horror fans. Fear is subjective, as are film experiences, and diversity of views is one of the most exciting things about the genre. For every mainstream spookfest, then, there is an unusual, daring and experimental horror film that breaks boundaries and challenges audiences. While they […]


Ten Lesser-Known Spanish Shockers Worth Celebrating

While Spanish filmmakers grew quite the penchant for shocking cinemagoers in the mid-’90s, serving up solid genre productions such as Alejandro Amenábar’s THESIS, Alex De La Iglesia’s THE DAY OF THE BEAST or Agustin Diaz Yanes’ NADIE HABLARÁ DE NOSOTROS CUANDO HAYAMOS MUERTO, it wasn’t until a decade later that Spanish horror really grew wings […]