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Going Beyond Cyberspace with LAWNMOWER MAN 2

“Jack in, jack off; what’s the difference?” –Jobe In the sequel to LAWNMOWER MAN the greatest terror to be found is the movie itself. Exaggerated, visually anachronistic, and filled with bad dialog (one liners like, “They check in, but they don’t check out,” and “The caboose is loose”), the film barely registers as a sequel […]


Stimulating Your Lobes: A Look Back at THE LAWNMOWER MAN and Technology

“Virtual reality will grow. Just as the telegraph grew to the telephone, as the radio to the T.V.—it will be everywhere.” –Jobe Smith After inhumane animal testing on chimps goes awry, Dr. Angelo (Pierce Brosnan) is convinced he needs a break from Virtual Space Industries. However, instead, he continues to experiment on his own. Only […]


A Defense of 1992 Virtual-Reality Thriller THE LAWNMOWER MAN

We were all foolish when we were young. We liked dumb stuff, said dumb things, and espoused dumb philosophies. We took our life lessons from weird places, and often only grew by exchanging one form of immaturity for another. For many of us, it takes a while to follow the advice of 1: Corinthians and […]