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EXCLUSIVE: “The Tension Experience” is Real… But It Goes Deeper Than You Think

A few months ago, we ran a chilling article presenting an insider’s point-of-view on “The Tension Experience” — a fully interactive, real-world narrative that combines elements of Halloween haunts, Artificial Reality Gaming (ARG) and immersive theater. The closest cinematic equivalent would be David Fincher’s film THE GAME, in which Michael Douglas plays an executive who […]

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An Expert Once Suggested This Horrifying Deterrent Against Nuclear War…

I feel pretty confident in saying that no one wants to deploy nuclear weapons. Sure, it might quickly wipe out an immediate problem, but the collateral damage is incalculable, the environmental impact is devastating, and the fallout will continue for generations. But I guess some people think that pushing the red button is a little […]

A Letter from Jason Blum

Welcome to the new and improved We’re building this site to be the home for all things scary and welcome anyone looking for a good fright to check it out. will contain a mix of original stories and the scariest content from around the web, including real-life horrors, the latest news on upcoming films, TV, […]