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The 10 Most Underrated Horror Movies of the 1980s

Recently, Editor-in-Chief Rebekah McKendry published a series of articles listing the Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies by each decade. Her lists differentiated themselves from others by focusing on films that seriously bring the terror, as opposed to more general and subjective “Best Of” articles. I appreciated the way she focused in on films that elicit […]


The Glorious Camp of LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM

When pondering the strange evolution of exploitation movies, one typically finds a movement from grimy grindhouses into a gentle mainstream. Observe interviews with any exploitation filmmaker of the 1960s (as seen in documentaries like MIDNIGHT MOVIES or AMERICAN GRINDHOUSE or NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD), and there is a tone of wistful lamentation. There was a time, they often […]


A Stab At Fame: Five Actors And Their Horror Movie Roots

I must confess to you all, I have a minor role in a straight to video horror film called MOSQUITO MAN. In it, I play a mugger who gets killed by the Mosquito Man. When we filmed the scene, I had lines. After one take, they cut my lines because I am, to be totally […]