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In Our Thoughts, These Unlucky Casualties From Movie History

Do you ever think of the unfortunate people in genre movies that get killed off, and yet have nothing to do with the main plot or any of the main characters? Do you wonder what the hell they ever did in their personal lives to end up being the most unlucky people in cinematic history? You […]


Waxwork Records Preps Vinyl Soundtrack For KONG: SKULL ISLAND

Here’s a fun surprise from our friends over at Waxwork Records. The label has a lot of cool stuff in store for 2017. Everything from their Subscriber Club titles, to their Deluxe Edition of THE THING (see that right here), to their upcoming EXORCIST release, and their comic book line! Occasionally, they release a modern […]

Films Scary Fun 

The 5 Greatest Giant Monster Battles in Movie History [VIDEO]

With KONG: SKULL ISLAND releasing to theaters in just a few weeks, the staff has been thinking a lot about how much we love giant monster battles, so join us below as we count down our five favorites!


Public Domain Theatre: Bela Lugosi’s Weirdest Movie – THE APE MAN

THE APE MAN may be the most surrealistic Poverty Row thriller ever made! With a way-out plot that’s a Salvador Dali fever dream, nightmarish imagery, cardboard sets, low-rent lab gear, a 1940s Brenda Starr, ghost hunters and a half-human Bela Lugosi on the prowl – what more could anyone want? And lucky for us Lugosi […]

Real Life Scares 

Real-life King Kong Killed By Climate Change — Not Beauty!

A startling scientific study says the real-life KING KONG was killed not by Beauty nor .30-30 Vickers machine guns – but by climate change! While the movies’ King Kong may have been the stuff of special effects wizardry notably created by stop-motion maestro Willis O’Brien and his team, a new report delves deep into the […]

Films Scary Fun 

Scary Simians! The Evolution of Apes in Horror Films

In the movie THE GIFT, Jason Bateman’s character Simon has a major fear of apes. He’s not alone. Many of us can relate. But why? Why are monkeys so freaking creepy? Is it their cunning and volatile nature? Or is it because we have an innate fear that we’re not much better than them? Whatever the reason, it’s clear we […]